The Bamboobelly Bandstand project is a garden project which aims to revitalise a derelict public garden (a Meadows Park Corner/ one of the main Entrances of Edinburgh’s Meadows ) through arts, music, painting and cinema and become a platform for artists and performers to promote their work, connect with people and inspire local creativity and support biodiversity. Every summer we prepare the garden to host live performances and welcome people. We draw a plan of what features should be worked, fixed or improved on and what new features are needed for the summer and throughout the year. The intention is to create a lasting legacy after the summer. Last year the stage was placed at the most deprived corner of the garden where people used as an open toilet and dumping site. This year the corner is being turned into a rockery and bird bath. The fence that perimeters the garden was turned into a huge bench. More plants were introduced and biodiversity improved slightly. There are more birds visiting the garden, squirrels are regular visitors, bees turn up for some nectar, and even a fox is known to visit the garden constantly.

The bandstand in the garden will be open for anyone in the community to use for free. Our team will provide a safe and well-structured environment for the artists and people.

Bamboobelly aims to expand people’s imagination, allowing us all to have big dreams in small public spaces; making our surroundings beautiful and inspiring with little resources in time of austerity. Every inch counts. We aim to take responsibility and be part of a positive change, including all the community.

a Bandstand Garden