A brief Bandstand History

Bandstands are small structures originally designed to accommodate outdoor music performances in parks and seafront locations. The origin of bandstands is intrinsically related to the development of public parks in the UK as a response to the Industrial Revolution negative impact on urban quality of life. Meaning that people needed green and open spaces to relax.

“The place of bandstands in park design was only possible  thanks to the wonderful legacy left by three Scottish foundries: Walter MacFarlane’s Saracen Foundry, the Lion Foundry of Kirkintilloch and Gorge Smith’s and Sun Foundry (Bandstands by Paul Rabbitts).

The Meadows used to have a bandstand (model 23 by Lion Foundry) which was scrapped on early 1950’s. See some pictures here:


The Meadows Bandstand circa 1945 (www.edinphoto.org.uk)

The Meadows Band Stand 1945

Below see a Picture of the Ross bandstand in Princes Gardens



a Bandstand Garden